• Photo of Court Building

    The Harsh Reality of Criminal Justice Reform

    11/2/2018 Scott MacLean In researching this article, I wandered through a myriad of opinions in search of facts regarding criminal justice reform. There were many contradictory pieces, citing studies and statistics, that gave the appearance [...]
  • Go to jail monopoly photo

    Bail Reform – The Great Con of the Decade

    With groups like the Arnold Foundation, The Marshall Project, The ACLU, and the Pretrial Justice Institute there seems to be a set theme, take over the bail industry. Many of these different groups have joined [...]
  • Bail Bond sign
    Bail Bonding

    Bail Industry – Course Correction

    What is Our Value? This topic came up as part of a discussion with someone I consider a mentor and have great admiration for, Mark Robbins. We were discussing the bail industry as it used [...]
  • Courts and bail reform

    Victims of Bail Reform – The Taxpayer

    The ACLU has been attacking the way bail is metered out. It has been their mantra that bail reform must happen because the poor and minority people are being victimized by the bail industry. In [...]
  • Interviewing suspects

    Initial Investigation: Tricks of the Trade Part 2

    10/24/2018 Scott MacLean Exit Strategy Communication between partners is essential to a successful operation. Since communication can be verbal and non-verbal, covert communications is often required. Let me give you a scenario: You enter a [...]


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  • Tennessee – New Bounty Hunter Law

    June 20, 2018
    June 20, 2018 Tennessee On July 1, 2018 the Tennessee bail industry will have some new laws to follow. Badge & Bail Magazine contacted Tyler Butler of Bust out Bail Bonds in Clarksville to learn about the new rules and regulations for the recovery side of bail bonding. Until now [...]
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    June 8, 2018

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